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For everyone.

People have been fascinated with the human potential throughout the ages. From modern day superheroes to martial arts legends of the past, we yearn to tap into the power within. This program is an opportunity to awaken the power of breath, energy, and inner fire as you recharge, replenish, and reconnect to your superhuman potential.

Breath is foundational to all energy arts and spiritual practice. To inhale is to be inspired, to exhale is to release the old. Breath is a reflection of who you are—a body, with emotions, containing an eternal spirit. Using meditation, qigong, mindfulness, and advanced breath work, Lee Holden show you techniques to discover your own inner power.

Lee places special emphasis on healing the body on a cellular level, transforming blocked energy into inner power, and reconnecting heart and mind. He also focuses on flow state and mindful movement through qigong. Come learn how to elevate the energy of the mind to reflect the nature of the universe, awaken the power of the heart for true compassion, and sense your limitless spirit.

Note Lee Holden will show a pre-release version of the movie Superhuman as part of this program.

Become Your Superhuman Self Event, In-Person | January 6 – 11th, 2019 @ Kripalu