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Superhuman unveils one man’s quest to find masters of the human potential. This is the culmination of over 30 years of obsessive dedication and desire for the truth. Learn how you can harness your mind and energy to unleash your abilities, awaken to your innate powers, harness your breath and take the wisdom of oneness that holds the keys to the kingdom. This film is intended to spark a movement towards our collective evolution by focusing the mind on a future that reflects our divine purpose.

You are more powerful than you know

See Superhuman abilities never before revealed. Learn how you can tap into your power and true potential.




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Discover the common threads that intertwine all cultures and awaken to a state of heightened human energy and mind.

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You will find it hard to believe what you see. Leave your doubts at the door and open up your understanding. You will find your latent energy ready to reveal itself.


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“I’m here, jump,
I’m here, just in front of you!”




Meet-David-VerdesiDavid Verdesi is a modern day mystic and a true seeker.  His training and experience is as diverse as it is rich.  Having an anthropology background, David would study one particular art intensely, develop a proficiency or a master of the practice, then distill it into a language and  a practice that was accessible to people living in the modern world.

David has lived, trained, and studied with Masters of wisdom all over the world. His journey started early in his childhood with martial arts and Kung Fu. By age 16, David had mastered many of the Kung Fu styles. Martial arts led David to study Qi Gong and the energy arts from ancient China. David become fascinated by masters that were able to demonstrate extraordinary abilities. Dedicating his life to these arts, and trained with energy masters in China, Indonesia, and India, and learn from them directly.

His pioneering spirit led him to many other disciplines. David trained with Shamans from South America, delved deeply into plant medicine, psychedelics, and dream practice. His journey took him to the Himalaya’s where he studied with a number of masters from Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. Here, David mastered the art of Tummo, the Tibetan heart fire practice. Currently, David combines modern techniques of bio-hacking, micro-dosing, and ancient wisdom to help people tap into their human potential, liberate their minds, and become their most compelling, compassionate selves.

If you have the privilege to train with David, you will learn something powerful, mind expanding, and unique. Be prepared to laugh, open your heart, and be entertained by some out of this world stories.

Meet Lee

Lee Holden has been exploring the world of human energy for 28 years, and shares his insight while guiding us through the Superhuman journey.

David Verdesi shares the secrets to the power we all possess

David Verdesi’s obsession with understanding and unlocking mind and body began as a child. Superhuman the movie shares over 30 years of sacred knowledge and never before seen encounters with Superhumans.

Power Breathing and True Mindfulness

This course focuses on awakening the power of the breath

The Mind Mandala

Become Your Superhuman Self: Journey to Enlightenment

Power Breathing

Awaken the power of the breath

Heart Mirror

Find the Luminosity Within

The Mind Mandala

A Journey into Enlightenment

“Different name, different forms, but is One.
The conflicts are only in the Mind. Differences are only in the Mind.
Liberate your Mind, and you will see no conflicts, no differences.
Sama Rasa – One Taste. It’s the taste of Love.”

David Verdesi

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